KULTUR FÜR ALLE Stuttgart is aimed at all of the approximately 65.000 holders of the Bonuscard + Culture. With the social passport of the city of Stuttgart cultural events of partner institutions and exhibitions of participating museums can be visited free of charge.

The Bonuscard + Culture is a voluntary social benefit provided by the Capital Stuttgart. You can use it to obtain discounts and subsidies for a wide range of activities. It should enable individuals entitled to the card to participate in cultural, sporting and social life in the city despite their financial constraints. In addition, the Bonuscard + Culture also enables you to obtain discounted monthly tickets for public transport within the city limits of Stuttgart.

Who receives the Bonuscard + Culture?

People eligible to receive the Bonuscard + Culture are exclusively people with Stuttgart registered as their main place of residence and people who receive

  • Benefits in accordance with the Social Code II (SGB II)
  • Basic insurance, assistance towards living expenses and benefits in inpatient nursing care facilities and integration assistance centres in accordance with the Social Code XII (SGB XII)
  • Benefits in accordance with the Asylum Seekers‘ Benefits Act (AsylbLG)
  • Housing benefit in accordance with the Housing Allowance Act (WoGG)
  • Supplementary child benefit in accordance with the Child Benefit Act (BKGG) (not child benefit)
  • Income and asset-based benefits in accordance with the Social Code VIII (SGB VIII)

Children under the age of 6 do not receive their own Bonuscard + Culture 2019. The Bonuscard + Culture of the parents can be presented when claiming discounts.

Where do you get the Bonuscard + Culture?

The Bonuscard + Culture will be issued by the Sozialamt of the City of Stuttgart.

Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
Dienststelle Freiwillige Leistungen
Eberhardstrasse 33
4th floor
70173 Stuttgart
0711 216 57400

Office hours
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 08.30-13.00
Thursday: 14.00-18.00

Further benefits of the Bonuscard + Culture?

In addition to the cultural partners of KULTUR FÜR ALLE Stuttgart, many institutions in Stuttgart grant a fee exemption or reduction on presentation of the Bonuscard + Culture, – including e.g. at the municipal indoor and outdoor pools, child care costs or the shops of the Schwäbische Tafel Stuttgart.

More information about the Bonuscard + Culture in English:

How to use the Bonuscard + Culture?

Cooperating cultural institutions reserve for all performances in principle (special events such as premieres, third-party productions or festivals may be excluded) a fixed free ticket quota for holders of the Bonuscard + Culture. These are not remaining tickets, but tickets of all price categories, which can be pre-ordered and collected at the box office upon presentation of the Bonuscard + Culture.

For museums it is even easier: unlimited free admission to the exhibitions on presentation of the Bonuscard + Culture at the box office.

In addition, there are always free ticket promotions with organizers and partners who can offer tickets for individual appointments. These dates will be published under event tips, on Facebook or in the newsletter.


Where is the free of charge for cultural offers?

Not all Stuttgart cultural providers provide free tickets, but many institutions do – in 2019 there are more than 90 institutions.

Under Cultural Partners are all facilities. In addition, we regularly publish current event tips and free ticket promotions.

Free visit of cultural events

Like all other visitors, you will receive your card directly from the respective cultural institution. These usually reserve a fixed free ticket quota for visitors with Bonuscard + Culture for each performance. These are cards of all price categories that can be picked up at the box office upon presentation of the Bonuscard + Culture. Since the quotas are limited, a pre-order, which almost all partners offer, makes sense. Individual events – eg. Premieres, festivals or cooperation offers – can be excluded from the free of charge. For a few partners, the cost-free applies only to certain productions or series of events. For each cultural partner, under „Karteninfos“ you will find exactly which offers you will receive free tickets with the Bonuscard + Culture.

Free museum visit

Museums – even more simple!
Upon presentation of the Bonuscard + Culture at the museum cashier, you will receive unlimited free admission to the exhibitions. Special exhibitions, however, are excluded from the freedom of some museums. Participation in public tours and museum events is also possible free of charge for some partners. The corresponding information can be found under the respective partners under „Karteninfos“.

How many free tickets do I receive?

For each Bonuscard + Culture you will receive one free ticket per show or museum visit.

Exception: Children under 6 years are entitled to the parent’s Bonuscard + Culture.


Will the cultural partners receive financial compensation?

KULTUR FÜR ALLE Stuttgart can only work in cooperation with the cultural partners, who provide cards free of charge for owners of the Bonuscard + Culture and do not receive any financial compensation in any form whatsoever.


Do you have anymore questions?

We like to answer this:
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